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Sparkling Gourami: Care Tips for Peaceful Aquariums

Have you ever come across a fish as captivating as the Sparkling Gourami? With its vibrant colors and shimmering scales, this small fish is a true gem in the aquatic world. Known for its peaceful nature and easy care requirements, the Sparkling Gourami is an ideal addition to any aquarium. Whether you are an experienced fish enthusiast or just starting out, this friendly and exquisite species is sure to bring a touch of elegance and beauty to your underwater sanctuary.


The Sparkling Gourami is a small-sized fish, typically reaching a length of around 2 inches (5 cm) when fully grown. Despite their small size, they are known for their vibrant and mesmerizing colors. The body of the Sparkling Gourami is elongated and slender, with a slightly compressed shape. Their fins are relatively large in proportion to their body, adding to their overall gracefulness and beauty.


As mentioned earlier, the Sparkling Gourami is a small fish, making it suitable for smaller aquariums or for those looking to add a touch of color to their nano tanks. It is important to note that while they may be small, they still require adequate space and care to thrive.


One of the most striking features of the Sparkling Gourami is its beautiful coloration. Males of this species are known for their vibrant hues of blue and green, which appear to shimmer in the light, hence the name “Sparkling” Gourami. Females, on the other hand, tend to have more subdued colors, with a paler and less vibrant appearance. However, both genders are equally stunning in their own unique ways.


The Sparkling Gourami possesses elegant fins that add to its overall charm. Their dorsal fin, located on their back, is elongated and stands tall, giving them a majestic appearance. The pelvic and anal fins are also well-developed, contributing to the fish’s graceful movements in the water. Additionally, their caudal fin, or tail fin, is rounded, further enhancing their beauty.

Sexual Dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism is evident in the Sparkling Gourami, with males and females exhibiting distinct differences in appearance. While males showcase vibrant colors, especially during their breeding season, females are often paler and less intense in their coloration. Males also have a more elongated and pointed dorsal fin compared to females. These differences help in easily identifying the gender of this species.


Natural Range

The Sparkling Gourami is native to Southeast Asia, specifically found in countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. They inhabit still or slow-moving waters, such as rice paddies, swamps, and flooded forests. These habitats typically have dense vegetation, providing the fish with plenty of cover and hiding spots.

Preferred Environment

In a home aquarium setting, it is essential to replicate the natural environment of the Sparkling Gourami as closely as possible. This includes providing ample vegetation in the form of live plants or artificial alternatives, as well as floating plants to replicate their natural habitat. The water should be kept relatively still or have very gentle water movement, as this species prefers calm waters.

Aquarium Setup

When setting up an aquarium for Sparkling Gouramis, it is important to consider their small size and specific requirements. A tank size of at least 10 gallons (38 liters) is suitable for a small group of Sparkling Gouramis. The water temperature should range between 75-82°F (24-28°C), and a pH level of 6.0-7.5 is ideal. Filtration should be gentle to avoid strong water currents, and regular water changes are necessary to maintain good water quality. Adding floating plants and other types of vegetation provides natural cover and hiding spaces for these fish. It is also recommended to use a subdued lighting setup to mimic their natural environment.


Social Behavior

Sparkling Gouramis are known for their peaceful nature, making them an excellent addition to community tanks. They are generally non-aggressive towards other fish species, but it is essential to pay attention to their tankmates to ensure compatibility.


While Sparkling Gouramis are generally peaceful, males can become territorial during the breeding season. They may exhibit territorial behavior by defending a specific area or aggressively chasing other males away. Providing ample hiding spots and breaking the line of sight within the tank can help minimize aggressive behavior.

Breeding Behavior

During the breeding season, the behavior of Sparkling Gouramis can change. Males become more vibrant in coloration and may exhibit courtship rituals to attract females. They build bubble nests at the water’s surface using saliva and air bubbles, where they eventually entice females to lay their eggs. Once the eggs are fertilized, males take on the responsibility of guarding and caring for the nest.

Feeding Behavior

Sparkling Gouramis are omnivorous and have a relatively small mouth, adapted for feeding on small insects and microorganisms in their natural habitat. In the aquarium, they readily accept a variety of commercially available fish foods, including flakes, pellets, and frozen or live foods such as brine shrimp and daphnia. It is important to provide a balanced diet to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Tank Requirements

Tank Size

A minimum tank size of 10 gallons (38 liters) is recommended for a small group of Sparkling Gouramis.

Water Parameters

The ideal water temperature for Sparkling Gouramis ranges from 75-82°F (24-28°C), with a pH level of 6.0-7.5. It is important to maintain stable and suitable water parameters to promote the health and well-being of these fish.


A gentle filtration system is best for Sparkling Gouramis, as they prefer calm waters. Utilizing sponge filters or adjustable flow filters can help achieve the right water movement without creating a strong current.


Sparkling Gouramis prefer subdued lighting conditions, mimicking their natural environment. It is recommended to use low-intensity lighting or utilize floating plants to provide shade and dim the overall lighting in the tank.


Adding vegetation, both live and artificial, is crucial to creating a suitable environment for these fish. They require hiding places and areas to explore. Floating plants, such as Amazon frogbit or Water Lettuce, not only provide cover but also act as a natural filter for the water. Additionally, adding driftwood, rocks, and caves can further enhance the aesthetics of the tank while providing additional hiding spots.


Dietary Needs

Sparkling Gouramis are omnivorous and require a varied diet to ensure optimal health. Their diet should consist of a combination of high-quality flakes or pellets, as well as live or frozen foods. Offering a mix of foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, and small insects can help replicate their natural feeding habits.

Feeding Schedule

It is recommended to feed Sparkling Gouramis small amounts of food multiple times a day, rather than one large feeding. This helps mimic their natural feeding behavior and allows them to consume their food more comfortably. Observing their eating habits can indicate whether the feeding schedule should be adjusted.

Food Types

Sparkling Gouramis readily accept commercially available flakes or pellets designed for small tropical fish. In addition to this staple diet, offering live or frozen foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms is highly beneficial. These foods provide essential nutrients and help simulate their natural feeding behavior.


Tankmates to Avoid

While Sparkling Gouramis are generally peaceful, there are certain species that may not be compatible with them. It is best to avoid aggressive or fin-nipping fish, as they can cause stress and harm to the Sparkling Gouramis. Additionally, large or overly active fish may intimidate or outcompete them for food.

Suitable Tankmates

Sparkling Gouramis are best kept in peaceful community tanks. They can be housed with other small, peaceful fish that share similar water parameters. Some suitable tankmates include small tetras, rasboras, dwarf shrimp, and other small species of gouramis. It is important to research each potential tankmate to ensure compatibility in terms of size, behavior, and water requirements.


Common Diseases

Like all fish, Sparkling Gouramis are susceptible to certain diseases. Some common health issues that may affect them include fungal infections, bacterial infections, and parasites such as ich (white spot disease). Keeping the tank clean and maintaining good water quality can help prevent these diseases.

Preventive Measures

Regular water changes, maintaining suitable water parameters, and providing a balanced and varied diet can go a long way in preventing diseases in Sparkling Gouramis. Quarantining new fish before introducing them to the main tank is also important to prevent the spread of potential diseases.

Treatment Options

If a Sparkling Gourami does fall ill, there are various treatment options available. Over-the-counter medications specifically designed for fish, such as anti-fungal or anti-bacterial treatments, can be used as directed. It is essential to follow the instructions provided with the medication and monitor the fish closely during treatment.


Breeding Setup

Breeding Sparkling Gouramis can be a fascinating and rewarding experience. To create a suitable breeding setup, a separate tank or breeding container should be prepared. This tank should have similar water parameters to the main tank, including temperature, pH, and water quality. It is important to provide floating plants or other suitable spawning sites to encourage breeding behavior.

Breeding Behavior

During the breeding process, male Sparkling Gouramis build bubble nests at the water’s surface. Once the nest is constructed, the male will actively court the female, displaying vibrant colors and performing various mating rituals. When the female is ready to lay her eggs, she releases them, and the male fertilizes them. The male then collects the eggs and places them into the bubble nest, where he will diligently guard and care for them until they hatch.

Caring for Fry

Once the eggs hatch, the male Sparkling Gourami continues to care for the fry. He will guard the nest and gently blow oxygen-rich bubbles onto the developing fry to ensure their proper development. It is crucial to provide the fry with tiny food options such as infusoria or commercial fry food. Eventually, the fry will grow larger and more independent, at which point they can be moved to a separate grow-out tank if desired.

Availability and Price

Availability in the Aquarium Trade

Sparkling Gouramis are relatively common in the aquarium trade and are usually available at local fish stores or through online retailers. Due to their popularity and availability, they can be easily obtained for those interested in keeping them in their home aquarium.

Average Price Range

The price of Sparkling Gouramis can vary depending on factors such as the quality of their coloration, size, and availability. On average, they can range from $5 to $10 per fish. It is always recommended to purchase from reputable sources to ensure the health and quality of the fish.


In conclusion, the Sparkling Gourami is a small yet captivating fish that brings color and beauty to any aquarium. With their vibrant colors, graceful movements, and peaceful temperament, they are a joy to observe. Proper care and attention to their specific requirements, such as suitable tank setup, adequate diet, and compatible tankmates, will help ensure their well-being and longevity. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, the Sparkling Gourami is a wonderful addition to any aquatic community.


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